Christmas Card

Use this Christmas card verse inside a card that you have downloaded or printed off. (It can be either an e-card or a printed one.) Just make sure that you can delete any other verse that might already be on the card, so that you have a blank space to work with.

As with all my verse on this site, this one is to be sent to someone who has a bit of a sense of humor. Although there is a "serious" message in the verse, primarily it is to be laughed at.

(Life's too short to be serious all the time. Have fun with it.)

If you're really stuck and you don't have time to find a card, download it and print it off, then try this Christmas email. It's not as nice as an actual card, but it is fast.


Hope this Christmas greeting finds you [ ]itchy [ ]thin [ ]drunk [ ]happy [ ]alive [ ]paranoid [ ]in Hawaii [ ]cheerful [ ]taller [ ]smarter [ ]out of jail.

The best part of Christmas is [ ]wearing bunny slippers [ ]talking with your mouth full [ ]being with family [ ]Boxing Day [ ]avoiding Uncle Jim [ ]hallucinating [ ]the turkey.

When it's time for carols, trees and wreaths, then it's time to [ ]up the medication [ ]seek a new therapist [ ]stop dieting [ ]hide the sharp pencils [ ]consult the gypsies [ ]burn the evidence [ ]bribe the local police [ ]gather with friends [ ]take boogie-woogie lessons [ ]make a spectacle of yourself.

Merry Christmas

How to Transfer The Verse From This Template Into Your Christmas Card

(These directions are for PC users but will generally be the same for all types of computers and programs.)

Find a card that appeals to you visually on one of the many sites that offer greeting cards on the Internet. (Some suggested sites are listed below.)

Make sure you can edit words in the card. (Don't pick an "animated" one. They usually can't be altered.)

Delete the verse from the card and then return to this page and highlight the verse (above).

Right-click on the highlighted text and click "copy".

Return to the card and place the cursor where you want the verse to appear and click "paste". The text (from above) will then be transferred into your card.

Put a CAPITAL "X" in the brackets beside the words or phrases you want to use in your message.

Add your name and your friend's name.

Then send it or print it off.

Funny Christmas Card

Christmas Card

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Want to see how to make your own card from your printer? Click above.

Greeting Card Sites

If you don't already have a card picked out, you might find one on one of the sites I've come across. Some are free. Some aren't. Pick one that looks good and then add the verse from this site.

Greeting Cards

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