Friends Email Invitation (To A Party)

Copy this funny friends email invitation and put your invitees in the right mood immediately. Party invitations are usually quite plain and direct (who, what, where, when and why). By using my funny email format for this invitation, you can accomplish the same result while bringing in a little humor at the same time.

Of course, you can send this as an email and it will be totally appropriate. However many people still want to send out invitations by snail mail, so you can also copy this friends email invitation onto a card if you want.

Simply pick a blank card from the Internet (see my suggested sites below where you may find one you like) or visit the invitation site below that contains lots of great party invitations that you can use.

However you use it, this humorous friends email invitation will put the recipients in a good mood - even if they don't come to your party!



For: [ ]Madonna [ ]Prince Harry [ ]whomever finds this [ ](Put your invitee's name here.) [ ]Barak Obama [ ]Fidel Castro [ ]The Tooth Fairy [ ]Kim Kardashian [ ]Elmer Fudd [ ]Cher

Date: [ ]The Ides of March [ ](Put the party date here.) [ ]When Hell freezes over [ ]soon [ ]the next blue moon [ ]the 12th of never [ ]any day that ends in "y"

Time: [ ]High Noon [ ]Dusk [ ]1 o'clock Greenwich Mean Time [ ]22:30 [ ]whenever you're ready [ ]Miller time [ ](Put the party time here.)

Place: The castle [ ]the dungeon [ ]the kitchen [ ]the Playboy Mansion [ ]Home On The Range [ ](Put your address in here.) [ ]Lonely Street [ ]The White House Rose Garden [ ]The International Space Station [ ]East Of Eden.

(Note: When you come to the fork in the road - take it!)

RSVP: (Not only is this a French phrase, but they only give you the first letter of each word! Oh well, hopefully you'll know what to do with it.) I'm at: (put your phone number and name here.)

How to Transfer The Verse From This Template Onto Your Invitation

(These directions are for PC users but will generally be the same for all types of computers and programs.)

Find a card that appeals to you visually on one of the many sites that offer greeting cards on the Internet. (Some suggested sites are listed below.) 

Make sure you can edit words in the card. (Don't pick an "animated" one. They usually can't be altered.)

Delete the verse from the card and then return to this page and highlight the verse (above).

Right-click on the highlighted text and click "copy".

Return to the card and place the cursor where you want the verse to appear and click "paste". The text (from above) will then be transferred into your card or invitation.

Put a CAPITAL "X" in the brackets beside the words or phrases you want to use in your message.

Make sure you replace the information in each section of the invitation with the appropriate information. (That will be your invitee's name in the first section, the date of the party in section two and the start time and place of the party in the third and fourth sections.)

Then send or print your friends email invitation off.

Funny Party Invitation

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Greeting Card Sites

This page lists Internet sites that may have a greeting card that you can use for your party invitation if you're going to print them off.

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