Fun Things For Sale

Occasionally, I'll post fun things for sale on here that I have that you might be interesting in having. (Some of my fun toys.) Once I get tired of them, then I'd just as soon see someone else enjoy them.

I got this idea when I decided to sell my old MGB sports car. It's fun to drive, but now it's time to sell it and let someone else enjoy it. I've spent thousands of dollars on it over the last 3 years to make sure the engine, drive train and suspension are all in top-notch condition and here's some of the information from my sales page.

New: fuel pump, clutch, battery, engine mounts, plugs, points, condenser, thermostat, water pump, radio.

Rebuilt: front end (king pins), differential and bearings, radiator and cylinder head (3 times - you can ask me why).

Here's a quick look at it:

I can send you many more pictures if you're interested in it.

I paid $6,500 (Canadian) for it 3 years ago. Make me an offer!


Other Fun Things For Sale

I have a Harley Davidson drag bar (handlebar) for sale. When I sold my Harley I forgot I had it in my locker! It has the cables as well. This was originally on my Sportster but I replaced it with a Fat Boy bar for greater comfort.

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