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Funny books make great gifts for birthdays and Christmas and everybody enjoys getting a little humor once in a while. (You might even want to get one for yourself!)

The trouble is that not everyone's idea of funny is the same and you run a risk of gifting something that's not so funny.

So, to be safe, I'm going to blow my own horn here! I've written a book called - Familize Your Group. and the fun is in the use of the book, not the reading of it. If you are part of a team, a club, an organization or association (and most of us are) then my book is not only fun, but can also very helpful for your group.

If you can read, then you can create a "family-like" atmosphere in your group and eliminate cliques, improve communication and quickly make new members feel "at home".

Companies, associations, tour groups, meeting planners, teams (and even families) all benefit from being Familized  and (if you're the leader) it makes you a better leader.

Fast and fun! Check it out here or click on the picture below.

Familize Your Group

Better People Networking

Just so you know, I've used the exercises in this book hundreds of times over the last 3 decades as a teacher, corporate trainer and group facilitator.

They have always worked for me and the directions are so easy to follow that anybody can have the success that I have had. If you can read, you can use them.

I've been to many conferences and "networking" evenings and the ones that started off with exercises like the ones in my book always seemed to be more successful. At least I got to know people more quickly and better than if I had been left to my own devices to do that.

Check it out here or click on the book.

Funny Email For Everyone - The Book

(Now Only A Looney!)

Funny Email Templates

These templates are fun to read and will elicit a smile when sent, so if you want a handy copy of all my funny email templates in one place, on your computer, then click below and send me a Loonie through PayPal (that's a Canadian Dollar) and it's yours.

Then come back here and download the book: by clicking here.

Free Books (But Not Funny Books)

Free SiteSell E-books

All right, they're not funny but they are free, so I've included them here anyway!

If you're looking for THE TOP 10 On-line Marketing E-books, here they are and they're FREE!

I built this website through SBI and if you want to build your own site, then here are all the "secrets". You will get the same information that an SBI member will get. What you won't get are some of the tools that we have access to but they aren't critical. They just make the process easier.

So, you can now build an award-winning website, with pretty much the same material that I used. The one difference though is that I didn't have to plod through the book. SBI has produced videos of the "10-day" process so that I could listen and watch. (I personally find it easier to learn that way.) But if you click on the books to the right, you will have all the SBI secrets on your computer FOR FREE!

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Funny News

Check out the Funny News from around the world and comment on it if you like.

Please note that the "What's New?" section below is updated whenever something I think is funny comes along, therefore some of these "New" blogs further down the page may already have been replaced by the time you click on them!

What's New?

  1. Sing - Jet Airliner - Lyrics Included

    Nov 08, 19 12:00 AM

    Join me and my 12-string guitar on this Steve Miller classic. (It's the top song.)

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  2. Another "Oldie" Singalong - "I Like It Like That"

    Oct 31, 19 12:00 AM

    Here's a "One-Hit-Wonder" from the '60's - originally done by Chris Kenner. Join me on my 12-string because the lyrics are included.

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  3. Let The Little Girl Dance - A Singalong Song

    Oct 16, 19 12:00 AM

    I'm sure this was inspired by the gymnasium "sock hops" from the '50's and '60's.

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  4. Sing Along To This One Hit Wonder - Love Drops

    Oct 08, 19 12:00 AM

    Barry Allen never had a number one hit but I always liked this song that at least got into the top 10. (Join with me and sing along.)

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  5. Doing It Right - A Singalong

    Oct 02, 19 12:00 AM

    These guys are still at it! Sing along to this Powder Blues Band tune. The lyrics are included.

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