Funny Email Connection

This Funny Email Connection template is ideal because sometimes it is a little awkward to re-contact people you used to spend a lot of time with but don't anymore and you are not quite sure what to say.

You may feel a little embarrassed because it has been so long.

Well, be embarrassed no more. This template should be humorous enough to break the ice again and yet still get the point across. The basic message here is - "let's reconnect".

Try it. You'll get the person to respond just because it is unique and because you have had some input into the humor.

(If they don't respond to this funny email connection, maybe you don't want to reconnect with them anyway!)


I haven't talked to you since [ ]your arrest [ ]you made bail [ ]the Cubs won the pennant [ ]I won the potato sack race [ ]last year [ ]we wore diapers [ ]Julia Roberts had twins [ ]the last party [ ]the last wedding [ ]Charlie Sheen was sober [ ]Kermit was a tadpole

and I think its time to [ ]confess [ ]run away [ ]meet for lunch [ ]study quantum physics [ ] party hardy [ ]break bread [ ]recycle your love beads [ ]reconnect [ ]rehabilitate.

Friends should always try to [ ]harbor secrets [ ]keep in touch [ ]start rumors [ ]pretend interest [ ]share ailments [ ]share test results [ ]swap spouses [ ]spend time alone [ ]buckle up [ ]wear a helmet

or they just might [ ]lose control [ ]gain weight [ ]become insecure [ ]move backwards [ ]be abducted by aliens [ ]be spammed [ ]disappear forever [ ]become a chocoholic.

Therefore, I challenge you to [ ]eat your spinach [ ]grow up [ ]call me [ ]sell the grow-op [ ]contact Hugh Hefner [ ]burn your bra [ ]email me [ ]go green [ ]go bananas [ ]enlist

because good friends should [ ]dress up for Halloween [ ]reminisce from time to time [ ]chug-a-lug beer [ ]bake hash brownies together [ ]grow up [ ]argue more often [ ]get out of the asylum more often [ ]sign up for the commune.

I hope to hear from you soon,

How To Transfer This Funny Email Connection Template Into Your Email Program

(These directions are for Outlook Express users but will generally be the same for all email programs.)

Open your email program and click on the "Create Mail" button.

Return to this Funny Email Long Time page and highlight the verse above.

Right-click on the highlighted text and click "copy".

Return to your email program and in the box below the subject line; click once to get the cursor in the box and then right-click on the mouse and click "paste" and the text (from above) will be transferred into the body of your email.

Put a CAPITAL "X" in the brackets beside the words or phrases you want to use in your message.

Add your name at the end.

If you are sending this email to an individual, then you will also want to type his/her name at the top.

You may then want to enter a word or two in the "Subject" line. (What's the email about?)

Finally, you must enter your friend's email address and click send. (Hopefully, you can just select their email address from your address book.)

Note: If you are sending out an email to more than one person you may want to enter each person's email address in the "BCC" address line so that nobody knows who else you sent the message to.

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