People Problem

Having A Problem With Your Group?

This is the story of Billy Buffalo. If you're having a people problem with your group or business networking problems, then read this story.

The Buffalo family, mom, dad and son Billy were drinking at the river one day with the rest of the herd when Billy said, "Hey Pop, this water tastes awful here. Why don't we try and find another spot further up river?"

His dad replied, "Oh no, we couldn't do that. We've had this spot in the herd for years and we wouldn't want to change that now".

"I guess not," said Billy.

A few days later, at the river again, Billy asked his mom, "Mom why don't we go looking for cleaner water somewhere else? The water tastes awful here"! "Oh, you'll get used to it" his mother said. "We wouldn't want to go somewhere else, we might lose the herd"!

"Oh, I guess you're right," said Billy.

The next day Billy ran into Betty, an old friend of his he hadn't seen for a while. "Hey Betty, where have you been?" he said. She replied, "well my family found some new fresh water just north of here, away from the herd. You should come with us next time we go". "No, I couldn't" said Billy. "Mom's afraid we'll lose the herd and Dad's comfortable with our spot in it so I'm sure we'll stay here". "Well, OK. See you" said Betty, but she never did because the next day the herd stampeded off a cliff and Billy and his family followed the rest of the herd to their deaths!

"Too bad" thought Betty, "If only Billy's Mom hadn't been afraid of change. If only his Dad hadn't been content with his spot in the herd".

  • Is your group drinking down river from the herd?
  • Are you afraid of change?
  • Are you content to hang on to your spot in the herd?
  • Maybe it's time for you to move upstream?

    Stop thinking like a buffalo!

    Do something different. Familize your group and eliminate any people problem you may have in your group.

    I know you haven't done it before.

    I know it's a little scary but do it anyway.


    Use "getting-to-know-you" or "getting-to-know-you-better" exercises at your group meetings to "Familize" your people and eliminate any people problem you may have. (That's a verb I've coined to describe what happens to a group when you've run some of these exercises. Group members become "like family".) Wouldn't that be an advantage for your group?

    Most people have experienced these exercises somewhere in their lives but most group leaders don't use them. I don't think they realize how well they work.

    Why not set yourself and your group apart?

    Click on the book above to see how easy to it is to use the exercises from it to separate yourself and your group from the herd and make sure you don't have a people problem.

    My personal theory is that it is easier not to do something than it is to do it (but that's another story).

    Don't be like the rest of the herd, do something!

    People Networking

    Click above to go to the Familize Your Group or People Networking page and download the book.

    Almost Free!

    I've just dropped the price of this book to $1.00. Get it now!


    Check out the Flogging Your Dead Horse story to see if that's what's happening with your group.

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