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C'mon, we all get funny email forwards sent to us. If you get a good one, copy it and paste it on this site and then send your friends the URL for the page and let them see it there! It's easy and it will be UNDER YOUR NAME. What's good about this is that not only do your friends get to share it, but also the THOUSANDS OF VISITORS to this site will get to see it as well!


It's time to make this site a living, breathing thing by adding your own page. If I do it right, you'll be able to:
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OK so you don't have anything to contribute to the world of fun right now, but you know what's funny and what's not right?


Check out the contributions that people have made in the various areas and then leave behind a critique, which will then appear on their page. Was it good or bad? What did you like or hate about it.

We all have a different sense of humor. What's yours like? Let us know.

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Please note that the "What's New?" section below is updated whenever something I think is funny comes along, therefore some of these "New" blogs further down the page may already have been replaced by the time you click on them!

What's New?

  1. Tom Dooley (2)

    Jul 09, 22 12:00 AM

    Got bored and decided to redo this song with a different presentation. Have a look if you're curious. (You can sing along with it as well!)

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  2. Sing Tom Dooley With Me

    Mar 31, 22 12:00 AM

    New computer, new programs, old music and singer! If you want to sing along with me on this oldie, then go ahead. The lyrics are included in the video. It'll be the top one on the page.

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  3. Going Way Back In Rock And Roll - Dede Dinah

    Oct 24, 21 12:00 AM

    Here's an oldie for you that was done originally by Frankie Avalon (before he met Anette)! Sing along if you want.

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  4. Rock'n'Roll Song

    Sep 24, 21 12:00 AM

    Here's an old Valdy song. If you remember him, you'll remember the song. Sing along with me.

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  5. Sing This Oldie With Me - Oh Carol

    Jul 22, 21 12:00 AM

    Join me in this video with this old rocker by Smokie - Oh Carol. The lyrics are included. (Remember it will be the top song on the page!)

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