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Welcome to my whimsical corner of the Internet, where laughter knows no bounds and smiles are always in season. Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable journey filled with fun, joy, and endless entertainment? Look no further, for my delightful website has arrived to bring a dash of humor and amusement into your life!

At Fun Things Dot Com, I believe that laughter truly is the best medicine. My mission is to curate a treasure trove of delightful content that will leave you grinning from ear to ear, whether you're in need of a quick pick-me-up or a hearty laugh. From hilarious jokes that tickle your funny bone to captivating cartoons that transport you to fantastical worlds, I have it all and more!

What exactly am I talking about?

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Fun Things To Do

I've done some interesting things in my life and so I created this area for you if you are a "doer" and prefer to get your fun through activities.

I've made funny email templates for example, that you can quickly modify and personalize and send to your friends, so that you can entertain them with your new "wit". (Just click it and go there.)

I play a 12-string guitar and try to sing old rock and roll songs, so if you want to join me, I've made some videos (with lyrics) so that you can belt them out with me if you want. (Just click it and go there - see how easy this is!)

I've also spent a lot of time leading groups, and wrote a book about that if you're a leader and in need of some "Familizing". It's full of exercises that brings your group closer together (like a family). They're fun to do and very beneficial and THEY'RE FREE! (So click it.)

I've even used this area "tongue in cheek" to describe my "FUN" hospital experience, so you can see it has some variety to it. Check that out by clicking above.

How About Jokes, Cartoons, etc.?

A lot of things in my life that caused me to smile, have come from jokes that people have sent me and so I gathered them all under one heading - "Fun Jokes" and then tried to categorize them into different areas so that you could zero in on anything that was of particular interest to you.

Visit this page and look around for things that make you smile.

What Else Can You See Here? - Fun Visual Jokes

If you're into comics or funny pictures or posters or videos, then the above page is where you want to start.

This website is not just about reading jokes. Sometimes you just need to see something in order to get a laugh. That's why I started this category. (They also require less work! You just have to sit back and watch.)

So go ahead, click here and check it out.

The Bottom Line

Whether you're seeking a brief moment of amusement during a hectic day or a deep dive into a world of comedic wonders, Fun Things Dot Com is your ultimate destination. My commitment to delivering a constant stream of laughter and entertainment ensures that there's always something new to discover, making every visit a delightful surprise.

So, what are you waiting for? Join me on this adventure and let laughter guide you through the maze of everyday life. Get ready to indulge in a world of funny jokes, captivating cartoons, hilarious signs, and so much more. Step into a realm where laughter reigns supreme and where joy and amusement are just a click away.

Fun Things Dot Com – Where Laughter Begins and Never Ends!

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What Other Fun Things Are Happening In The World?

Please note that the "What's New?" section below is updated whenever something I think is funny comes along, therefore some of these "New" blogs further down the page may already have been replaced by the time you click on them!

What's New?

  1. Don't Worry - Be Happy

    Mar 03, 23 12:00 AM

    Need a "pick-me-up"? Here's a singalong song that you can easily participate in. Join me in the video as the words are included. It'll be the second song on the page

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  2. Tom Dooley

    Jul 09, 22 12:00 AM

    Got bored and decided to redo this song with a different presentation. Have a look if you're curious. (You can sing along with it as well!)

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  3. Going Way Back In Rock And Roll - Dede Dinah

    Oct 24, 21 12:00 AM

    Here's an oldie for you that was done originally by Frankie Avalon (before he met Anette)! Sing along if you want.

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  4. Rock'n'Roll Song

    Sep 24, 21 12:00 AM

    Here's an old Valdy song. If you remember him, you'll remember the song. Sing along with me.

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  5. Sing This Oldie With Me - Oh Carol

    Jul 22, 21 12:00 AM

    Join me in this video with this old rocker by Smokie - Oh Carol. The lyrics are included. (Remember it will be the top song on the page!)

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