Fun Business Email

I offer fun business email on this site because business email for the most part is very staid and I want you to try and change that! 

Correspondence sent from a company is usually quite "standard" and serious. In some cases though you may actually make better progress with a business problem if you use funny email rather than "stern" letters. (If I were you however, I would only use the templates from this site if your company has a sense of humor.)

Try any of the funny, free business email templates below that suit your needs. I'll try and add more on a regular basis until virtually all business situations are covered. (Make sure you sign up for my RSS feed so that you are advised of each new release.)

Good luck.


Business Humor?

Found Payment

Use this email if your company has somehow missed receiving a payment from one of your customers but has now found it. It may help smooth things over.

Credit Acceptance Letter

Click above to use this funny free business email if your company has to extend credit to some of your clients. Generally, telling a company that it has been excepted is a routine procedure. Try this template to liven up your business email a bit!

Product Problem

If your company ships (or delivers) actual things - sometimes something happens during the sending and the product doesn't work when the customer gets it. Send them this funny email to help relieve the tension.


There might be 2 reasons to use this: 1) Your boss from the company you're about to resign from has a great sense of humor or, 2) You don't give a damn because you're quitting!

Collection Letter

Everybody hates having to send out a "You're past due" collection letter. (Everbody hates receiving one also!) Use this free business email to smooth the way to a fast payment.

Late Refund

Sometimes things happen and your company is late sending out payment to one of your suppliers. (I know, this has never happened to you, but if it does - this will lighten up the seriousness of the matter.)

Balance Owing

If your company sent out a check to a client but they are saying that they haven't yet received it - send this humorous email instead of a regular business email. It will at least get their attention!

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Returned Goods Template

When one of your regular clients returns merchandise you need to let them know that you received it and that you will be crediting their account as a result. Use this funny email to help ease the tension that may have built up as a result of this action.

Customer Revival Letter

Would you like to try and recover a "lost" customer - one that used to be a regular purchaser of your goods or services but has now slacked off or stopped calling you all together? It can be awkward to call them. Why not try this template by clicking above?

Build Your Own Funny Email

If you want to create and share your own funny email with the rest of the world. I'll give you full credit for it if it gets it's own page on this web site.

Greeting Cards

Click above to go to the Greeting Cards page with verse you can add to greeting cards that looks a lot like "funny email" templates.

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