People Networking (I Call It "Familizing")

What is "Familizing"?

Well, it's People Networking at its easiest! It's getting strangers to know each other like they know their own family - fast.

Here's what Familize does for these groups:

  • Companies - Familized employees help the bottom line

  • Resorts and Cruise Ships - Changes strangers into friends on Day 1

  • Meeting Planners - Guests "bond" with each other instantly

  • Tour Group Leaders - Improves your "networking sessions"

  • Association or Club Executives - eliminates cliques

  • Team Coaches or Leaders - Lets you quickly learn member's personalities

  • Families - Improves communication

  • Any Group That I Have Missed - gives you something fun to do

I've worked with groups and been responsible for people networking my whole life as a teacher, seminar leader and corporate trainer and I've learned something - IT'S EASY TO SPEED UP THE "GETTING TO KNOW YOU" PROCESS IN ANY GROUP!

I've used all of these exercises in many of my people networking groups and they have NEVER FAILED ME! They work every time.

Watch this short video (below) for a quick overview.

Familized Group "Bonds" In Less Than 3 Hours!

  • *Become a better group leader!

  • *Improve business networking

  • *Speed up the "getting to know you" process!

  • *Eliminate annoying cliques that tend to ruin groups!

  • *Give your group an "edge"!

  • *If you can read, you can do it - it's easy!

Buy Now?

I've sold this book over the years for anywhere from $25 to $35 and nobody ever asked for a refund, so I'm reasonably sure they were happy with it. From now on however, it's $1.99!

Why? Because now it's an eBook! No more printing. Now more hole punching. No more putting those spiral coils in the holes to hold the book together. No more packaging for shipment. No more posting.

Technology has changed and made life a lot easier and faster for me, so I'm passing along the savings to you. It's the same old book with the same great exercises but you get to choose what to print, when you need it.

It's now just a $1.99!

If you want to become a better group leader and improve the people networking in your group right now then click below and pay me via PayPal or any major credit card you have. 


You will become a better group leader just by using these exercises.

Still Not Convinced It Will Help Your Group?

Then click here and get 2 FREE exercises from the book, try them and if they work for you, then come back and buy the book!

Here's More About The Book

Use With Any Group!

Let's expand on each of these areas:

Working at a company where everybody you work with is like part of a big family is a treat! It's fun to go to work. It may have happened to you at some point in your life but if it did, it probably happened by accident! Now you can create that kind of an atmosphere in your company - easily.

Resorts, cruise ships and hotels have groups of strangers coming together for short periods of time as do meeting planners and tour group leaders. Often, nothing is done to help the strangers interact and get to know each other. Sometimes we throw people together in a room with drinks and hors de oeuvres and hope they "connect" that way. That doesn't work very well!

Club executives or association leaders need to eliminate the inevitable cliques that form in any group that meets regularly and always struggle with integrating new members into the fold. Now they can work on both of those challenges.

Team coaches or leaders know that to get the best from their players, they must understand and work with various personalities. Knowing your players well and helping them to know each other is important. Why not do it at the start of each season instead of hoping it happens during the season?

Some families don't talk a lot, but even those that do don't always talk about important values issues. It's time to improve the communication in families and do it in a fun and interesting way.

I've had to name this page people networking to please the search engines (because people don't know to search for Familizing yet)! However, as you can see, it's much more than people networking. It is a way of bringing people closer together FAST! So how does it work?

What Specifically Is Familizing?

The book consists of 24 different people networking or Familizing exercises that you can use to lead your group. (I've made them so simple and complete, that if you can read, you can lead!) 

You simply read the directions for any exercise, photocopy any pages you may need for your group and then do it. It's that easy.

Why Do Many Groups Fail?

I probably shouldn't use the word fail, because that's really not what happens. Most often what happens is that groups just don't seem to "gel". So, they don't fail, they just aren't as good as they could be if the people networking or Familizing had been better.

Now, I have a Master of Education degree and I've studied this problem for years and my conclusion is that many groups fail because the leader didn't do anything to help the people networking! I mean the leader has done NOTHING to improve the group interaction!

The exercises in this book are not rocket science, many of them have been around for years and you may know of some of them yourself. BUT, if you do know of them and if you're a leader and haven't used some of them - WHY NOT? They work!

Don't Miss This Point - Many People Do.

I'm a competent speaker. I've had to be or I wouldn't have survived as a teacher, group leader or corporate trainer. But I'm not a comedian!

However, all my groups laughed and had fun! Why? Because the Familizing exercises allow the groups to create their own fun. Your groups will have a ball. Please don't overlook this point.

Your groups will be entertained, because they will be given a vehicle that will help them entertain themselves!

Final Thoughts

I've used them for decades. I've seen them work every time. If you want to become a better group leader and improve the people networking in your group or the business networking in your company, then use these or get some of your own, but do it now! You won't regret it.

Buy Now?

So, go ahead and become a better group leader and improve your group right now by clicking below and sending me $1.99.

Don't Forget This People Networking Guarantee!

(That's right. I'll give you all your money back. I left the guarantee in here because when the book was $25.00, it was important that I showed that I was serious about how useful I believed it would be. It still is!)


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