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Who am I? That's the $64,000.00 question. (Are any of you old enough to remember that TV program?) And, what do I do?

Here's a short biography for those of you who are having trouble getting to sleep!

Where does one start? I live in Vancouver, Canada (actually Tsawwassen, which is about 1 mile north of the border leading to Point Roberts - a U.S. peninsula totally cut off from the rest of the United States)! So, I'm actually about 30 minutes South of Vancouver.

I have a Master of Education degree from the University of Western Ontario and I have spent more than 25 years as a management trainer, group leader and facilitator.

Want More Who Am I?

Who Am I?

When I retired a few of years ago I thought I'd spend my time riding around North America on my Harley and eventually find a part-time job to occupy my time and help pay my bills. (Harley's are expensive!) I don't have any debts, so basically all I have are living expenses and the Harley. What would I do?

Every once in a while I would glance through the Help Wanted section of the local newspaper to see what was out there, that might be of interest. Then SBI! came along and changed everything!

Say what?

I said SBI! (short for Solo Build-It) changed my plans. Oh, I still intended to careen around the country through sun, wind, rain and hail on my bike but I no longer looked for a part-time job. Here's what happened:

At some point, I came across a story in the local newspaper about a fellow in town who was earning a 6-figure income on the Internet. I was curious, so I went to his website and was TOTALLY UNDERWHELMED! I think my thoughts ran along the line of, "If this guy can make that kind of money with his site, then surely I can make a few dollars a month at it!"

So, I started my search for a business I could run on-line.

I spent a couple of weeks looking at various possibilities and that's when I came across SBI!. They help people create a moneymaking website, regardless of their level of computer expertise. (If you have a passion, interest, skill or even a favorite vacation spot that you want to tell people about, then it can work for you.)

I then spent the next 2 weeks searching for reasons why SBI wouldn't work. I COULDN'T FIND ONE NEGATIVE REPORT on the entire Internet about Site Build-it!

So, I signed on.

Then I went on a month-long motorcycle trip!

Eventually though, I got started creating my on-line business and this website is the result. I now get over 14,000 "unique" visitors per month to the site and not long ago I "monetized" the site. (I put some ads on it.) There are several other ways to "monetize" but just doing that meant that the site instantly started paying for itself!

If you'd like to earn extra income by creating your own website, click here and go to my Website Income page for more info.

OR take a quick look at the video below.




I thought I'd throw some old pictures up here from my past so you'll have some visual clues to help answer the "who am I" question. I hope you like them.

Even the CBC realized that I was an expert on "Fun Things To Do" long before I started my website on the subject.

Ha! I knew they had copied that formula down wrong. Here's how Albert originally wrote it.

You probably didn't know that the former president also likes Harleys! (I gave him this little memento from my motorcycle trip to the White House.)

Angelina likes my new clothing line!

If you have any questions or comments about this site (or this Who Am I page) then please jot them in the box below and send them off. I promise I'll read them and respond!

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