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OK, get ready to sing along with some rock and roll oldies.

If you've been to this page before and just want to get to the latest song, then click here.

If you're caught up in the Covid-19 pandemic, then you may want to click here to hear my song about it. It's called "Hello Virus" and is based on an old Conway Twitty song called "Hello Darlin'".

If  you're not interested in that, then here are some thoughts on how this page came about.

I've got some time on my hands and hundreds of old songs that I strum on my 12 string and try to sing. I thought I'd challenge myself and see how I might get some of them in some format onto the Internet. That means learning to work with programs (apps) like Roxio, Vimeo, Moovly, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Windows 10 and probably a few others. (They're all an ongoing challenge!)

Over the years I've compiled a book with the words to all these songs (when I'm playing live), so people can sing along if they want. (I know you're not going to be "knocked out" by my voice, so it helps if you can try and drown me out!) So, when I decided to throw these up on the Internet, I also decided to include the words with the songs so that you could do that here as well. (Did I mention that they're in video format?)

So, here's what I think is going to happen. I'll compile these videos using some of my programs and when they're ready, I'll post them on the Social Media sites as well as here (one at a time). If you've signed up for RSS notices already, you'll get notified as they are added. If you haven't done that already, you can do that in the box below. If you're already on my email list, you'll likely get notified through an email when a song is released.

This page will likely change as I progress through this challenge but for now, this will have to do.

In fact, here's a change already: I'm going to put the most recent singalong song at the top, so the first one I did will now move to the bottom! Hope that makes sense.

Bonus For People Who Have Known Me...

If you have known me in the past, you'll have this bonus while singing along to these songs - the background pictures in the videos will be from my personal collection. So, you may see yourself or someone you know in the video!

Who knows, you could be famous! (Well that might be stretching it a little bit.) But click on the various songs and see if you're there or at least know some of the people involved in the videos.

Bonus For People Who Don't Know Me...

Send me 2 or 3 of your old photos and maybe I'll use them in the next song! Up until now (50 or more songs in) I have used photos from my past. I try and pick a photo that has some relationship to a line in the song. Sometimes it's easy and sometimes it hard and rather vague, but at least to me, most of them work. The problem now is that I find myself using some of the same photos over and over again, so I could use some new material.

That's where you come in. 

Pick out 2 or 3 snaps from your past and send them to me through the form below and I'll add them to my collection and maybe you'll find yourself or some of your friends and family in one of my singalong videos. You won't likely become famous, but it might be worth a smile!

Send Me 2 Or 3 Old Snapshots

Send me some of your old photos from the past and maybe I'll be able to include them in my singalong videos.


If you're old fashioned (like me), and don't want to fill in forms, then you can just copy this email address onto an email and attach your photos to it: Just label the email "Singalong Snaps".

How Do I Pick A Picture?

I pick old rock and roll or country songs usually and because I provide the lyrics, I try and flash up a picture for each line of the song. It's difficult, but I try and make each picture "relate" to the line. So for example, if I was doing Elvis Presley's "Hound Dog", I might pick my friend's dog Emma for the first line - "You ain't nothin' but a hound dog".

That's her in the picture and obviously she's not a hound dog, but she is a dog, so she gets the gig!

So, if my warped mind can make a connection between your photo and the line in the song I'm doing, then it may appear in one of my songs. It's that simple.

Click the box above to get me the photos.

Tom Dooley (2)

Tom Dooley

Dede Dinah

Rock And Roll Song (That's the title!)

Oh Carol (Not The One You Think!)

Cry To Me

An Old Folk Song - The City Of New Orleans

Here's An Old "Novelty" Song - Alley Oop

Sing "Sundown" By Gordy Lightfoot

Mr. Bojangles

A Blues Song - Bad To The Bone

Sing Along To "Breathless"

At The Scene - From "The English Invasion"

Here's Down By The Lazy River

Take It On The Run

Here's A Relic - Something Else

Let Me Be There - Olivia Newton-John

Rock And Roll (I Gave You All The Best Years Of My Life)

A Real Oldie - Hey, Little Girl

Santa Maria - Join In!

Gimme Three Steps - A Lynyrd Skynyrd Song

Sing Along With The Monkeys  - Daydream Believer

Before The Next Teardrop Falls

Travelin' Band - By CCR

Rock N Roll Music - A Classic

Shooting Star - Not Early Rock And Roll!

All American Boy - A Story

The Farmer's Song

Brand New Key By Melanie

Dream Baby - Roy Orbison

A Real Oldie - Da Doo Ron Ron

Sing Along To "Sunshine"

Slow Down - The Beatles

From The Hippie Era - Me And You And A Dog Named Blue

Let's Dance

Sing "Jet Airliner"

I like It Like That - Sing Along

Let The Little Girl Dance

One Hit Wonder - Love Drops

Here's A "Bluesy" Number - Doing It Right (On The Wrong Side Of Town)

Glory Days - By "The Boss"

Here's A Story For You - Ode To Billy Joe

Nights In White Satin - Sing Along!

From The Psychedelic Era - Mellow Yellow

Tragedy Song - Last Kiss

Made Famous By The Band - The Shape I'm In

From The Dawn Of Rock And Roll - Lawdy Miss Clawdy

Here's An Oldie - You've Got What It Takes

This One Is "My Maria"

Sing Along To Endless Sleep

A Real Oldie - Be-Bop-A-Lula

Sing Along To "Rave On"

This One's Old - A Little Bit Of Soap

This One's Really Old - "Lotta Lovin"

Want To Know When I Add A Song To This Site?

Send me your first name and an email address and I'll notify you when I add a song or something funny to the site. It's easy. Just use the box below.

Here's An Old Rockabilly Song - Let's Have A Party

These Boots Are Made For Walking

Here's A Real Oldie - Itchy Twitchy Feeling

Crocodile Rock By Sir Elton John

Roll Over Beethoven - By The Beatles And Chuck Berry

Little Deuce Coupe - The Beach Boys

Here's "Can't You See That She's Mine"

Here's Rod Stewart's Hot Legs

Here's Tallahassee Lassie

Here's A Folksong - Greenback Dollar

For Halloween - The Monster Mash!

Sing Wonderful World

Here's Abigail Beecher

Let It Be - The Beatles

Sweet Nuthin's - From The Early 60's I Believe

Sing - Come A Little Bit Closer

Short Fat Fannie - An Early Rock Song

Hooked On A Feeling

A "Novelty" Song - Winchester Cathedral

A Little "Folk Music" - Blowin' In The Wind

I'm Going To Knock On Your Door

Cover Of The Rolling Stone

A Car Song - Little GTO

The Ballad Of John And Yoko

Margaritaville (For You "Parrotheads")

Love Is A Rose - Linda Ronstadt

Sea Cruise - Good Old Rock An Roll

Here's An English Rocker - The Young Ones

Hot Child In The City

This Has A "Catchy" Tune - Chick-A-Boom

Itchycoo Park (From The Psychedelic Era)

A Real Oldie - Bony Maronie

Sing Along To "Born To Be Wild"

This Is A Long, Slow Song - Sylvia's Mother By Dr. Hook

This Will Get Your Foot Tapping - Ruby Baby

Wasn't That A Party By The Irish Rovers

How About Rainy Day Women #12 and 35?

Here's an old "Slow Song" - You Better Move On

Here's Me And Bobby McGee

Sing Along With The Stones - Tumbling Dice

Sing Along With "Drip, Drop"

One Of Chuck Berry's Best - Johnny B. Goode

Crimson And Clover (From The Psychedelic Era)

The Weight By The Band

Honky-tonk Man - Country Classic

Here's An Oldie - C'mon Everybody

This One's By Richie Valens - "Come On Let's Go"

Here's Maggie Mae Originally By Rod Stewart

Here's "The Story Of My Life"

Going Way Back...Queen Of The Hop

Do You Remember "Drift Away" By Dobie Gray?

Old Time Rock And Roll - Sing Along To It!

This Is Shambala

Sing "OH Boy" With Me

Country Crossover/Blues Hit - Move It On Over

Here's CCR's Lodi

This One Is "Lover Please" By Clyde McPhatter

From The 60's - Little Honda

Here''s "Get Together" By The Youngbloods

Sing Along To - Bad Case Of Lovin' You

Here's Bottle Of Wine

Yet Another Sing Along - Searchin'

Here's An Old Country Crossover - Act Naturally

Here's Number 9 - Great Balls Of Fire

Here's The 8th One - Boys

Lucky #7 - Centerfield

Here's #6 - Summertime Blues

This Must Be Number Five - Brown Eyed Girl

Here's Number Four - Keep Your Hands To Yourself

Here's The Third One - Katmandu

Here's The Second One (An Easy Sing-Along) - Do Wah Diddy

OK, Here's The First One - Who'll Stop The Rain

I'll add the next one soon. Don't forget to sign up above so that you'll know when it's ready. It might be one of your favourites!

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