Funny Party Invitation

Use this funny party invitation to invite friends and family to a party that you are throwing.

You will have to add a date and time to it (at the bottom) unlike most of my other templates, but basically you use the same process as with the other free funny emails available on this site. (You're going to add some "X's"!)

This will no doubt be different from any invitation that you have ever sent before. It is unique!

Try it and see how your friends like it.




I'm planning on [ ]eating raw oysters [ ]having Mary Trump over for dinner [ ]having a party [ ]sulking in my beer [ ]cutting my toenails [ ]dieting [ ]marrying Tibetan royalty [ ]eloping [ ]winning the lottery

and it would please me if you could [ ]stop harassing me [ ]attend [ ]wear that thong [ ]drive the "getaway" car [ ]show a little compassion [ ]eat dirt [ ]disappear [ ]stifle your mother-in-law.

Make sure you [ ]bring booze [ ]bake brownies [ ]dress casually [ ]change your socks [ ]wear your purple wig [ ]bring a camera [ ]bring your teeth [ ]throw a tantrum [ ]tell Kim Kardashian [ ]clean your colon

and also, be sure to [ ]pass this on to Prince William [ ]pass gas [ ]shower [ ]put on your game face [ ]pretend to be excited [ ]bring your checkbook [ ]say your prayers [ ]wish upon a star [ ]get here early.

I'm sure you'll enjoy the occasion because [ ]everybody will be naked [ ]the police have been bribed [ ]Aunt Bea hasn't been invited [ ]my parties are fabulous [ ]no baked beans are allowed [ ]the dog will be locked up [ ]I've told SOME people it's a costume party

and I know how to [ ]boogie [ ]throw a party [ ]break up fights [ ]tap dance [ ]chug beer [ ]break dance [ ]get the lead out [ ]burp the national anthem [ ]play the bagpipes [ ] sing an opera [ ]eat crow.


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How To Transfer This Funny Party Invitation Into Your Email Program

(These directions are for Outlook Express users but will generally be the same for all email programs.)

Open your email program and click on the "Create Mail" button.

Return to this Funny Party Invitation page and highlight the verse above.

Right-click on the highlighted text and click "copy".

Return to your email program and in the box below the subject line; click once to get the cursor in the box and then right-click on the mouse and click "paste" and the text (from above) will be transferred into the body of your email.

Put a CAPITAL "X" in the brackets beside the words or phrases you want to use in your message.

Add your name at the end.

If you are sending this email to an individual, then you will also want to type his/her name at the top.

You may then want to enter a word or two in the "Subject" line. (What's the email about?)

Finally, you must enter your friend's email address and click send. (Hopefully, you can just select their email address from your address book.)

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Funny Party Invitation

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