Saint Patricks Card

All right, this Saint Patricks card will get you out of trouble with your Irish friends if you need something fast.

You can either find a printable card on the Internet or maybe an e-card and then create your own Irish blessing for them.

It's nothing too deep - but you do have some leeway as to what you want it to say. (Actually, I guess you could just send this as an email but that would be a little tacky! Send a card.)

Luck of the Irish to you!



An Irish Blessing

May you always have [ ]walls for the winds [ ]a roof for the rains [ ]matching socks [ ]cold beer [ ]green tea [ ]cold green beer [ ]a bit o' sun [ ]a bit o' cheer [ ]heavy pockets [ ]a light heart [ ]enough luck [ ]bread crumbs for the birds [ ]an Irish lilt for the words.

And when Irish eyes are smiling [ ]check your zipper [ ]it's your round [ ]they'll steal your heart away [ ]a leprechaun has landed [ ]angels protect you [ ]troubles neglect you [ ]a shamrock is growing [ ]you're out of clothing.

I hope you find [ ]the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow [ ]your mind [ ]your wild Irish rose [ ]your home is too small to hold all your friends [ ]the pub [ ]some work to do [ ]a reason for drinking [ ]potatoes suck,

but most of all [ ]LOTS O' LUCK!

How to Transfer The Verse From This Saint Patricks Card Template Into Your Greeting Card

(These directions are for PC users but will generally be the same for all types of computers and programs.)

Find a card that appeals to you visually on one of the many sites that offer greeting cards on the Internet. (Some suggested sites are listed below.)

St. Patrick's Day Card

Make sure you can edit words in the card. (Don't pick an "animated" one. They usually can't be altered.)

Delete the verse from the card and then return to this page and highlight the verse (above).

Right-click on the highlighted text and click "copy".

Return to the card and place the cursor where you want the verse to appear and click "paste". The text (from above) will then be transferred into your Saint Patricks card.

Put a CAPITAL "X" in the brackets beside the words or phrases you want to use in your message.

Add your name.

Then send it or print it off.

Word Card

Want to see how to make your own card from your printer? Click above.

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